Indigo IPcall™

The Indigo IPcall™ solution provides Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) a cost-effective SIP-based solution for offering residential/SOHO/small business IP telephony services to up to several tens of thousands of subscribers. The solution is composed of the following components:

Indigo SIP Server & SDK™: the call routing and application platform that enables to build reliable next generation communication applications for IP networks:

    Fully IETF compliant (RFC 3261/3263)
    Feature rich SDK and a CPL server and editor that enable developers to implement
     a wide range of value added services, such as end user service management, call
     forwarding, call waiting, call blocking, call screening, find-me follow me, etc.

    3rd Party Call Control (3PCC) module for establishing multi-party sessions
    Connector to external databases and LDAP directories
    SIP security mechanisms (TLS encryption & authentication)
    Firewall/NAT SIP traversal mechanisms
    Multi-tenant operations and server load balancing

ITSP applications: Indigo Software has complemented its SIP Server platform with a set of features and applications that meet the needs of Internet Telephony Service Providers:

    CLIR ("calling line identity restriction") & CLIP ("calling line identity presentation")
    enhanced routing intelligence

    a dynamic XML dial plan application with API providing custom local services such
     as emergency call routing and an ADR/CDR generation engine.

Indigo Certified 3rd party media gateway(s): 100% guaranteed interoperable gateway equipment capable of converting channels from a circuit-switched network (PSTN) to streaming media in a packet-switched network (RTP streams in an IP network).

Indigo Certified 3rd party client software/hardware: guaranteed interoperable 3rd party softphones and hardware phones to terminate calls in an IP network.

The Indigo VoIP solution connects to any local loop technology that has IP connectivity with sufficient bandwidth and quality of service and requires no modification to existing equipment. XDSL networks, cable networks, wireless local loops as well as Ethernet networks are perfectly suited for offering IP telephony services using the Indigo solution.

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