SIP Compliance Testing Program

Are you currently SIP-enabling your products or committed to developing your own range of SIP entities?

Indigo's SIP Compliance Testing program provides quality and guaranteed high performance implementations which have been standardized through time and trial to act as touchstones for gauging the level of performance and compliance of third-party SIP products. We are committed to providing our clients with superior product that ensure strict adherence to IETF standards such as*:

Session Initiation Protocol (RFC3261, RFC3263)
SIP extension for presence (RFC3265, RFC3428, IETF Internet SIMPLE 07);
SDP (RFC 2327, RFC3264)
MIME for SIP (RFC 2046).

Since its inception, Indigo has been an active participant at SIP interoperability events, guaranteeing not only compliance with the latest relevant standards but also proven interoperability with all leading vendor products in the field.

* Full list available upon request

Theory of Operation

The Indigo SIP Compliance Testing program is an efficient approach that puts our ready-made implementations and support services at the disposal of the customer. This way, customers can test their products in their labs to ensure that they will work in commercial environments. This do-it-yourself approach minimizes staff and costs and allows you to provide consistent quality while maintaining competitive pricing.

Indigo Offering

Capitalizing on over two years sustained development, Indigo Software has what it takes to offer quality SIP testing services: an experienced staff and reference software implementations.

Indigo Software products have earned the enviable reputation of being a benchmark within the SIP industry. Our reference implementations include:

Indigo SIP Server & SDK™ (which includes proxy, registrar and location servers)
Indigo Presence Server & SDK™
Indigo Communications Server & SDK™
Indigo SIP Foundation Class™

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