The Indigo portfolio provides cost-effective, presence-based, IP communications solutions for enterprises and their service providers.

All the Indigo solutions use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as a technology to provide real-time IP communications. SIP transports multimedia content - voice, video, data - over IP networks and is the foundation of Indigo's VoIP and Conferencing solutions.

Above all, the Indigo solutions have presence technology at their core. In presence-enabled applications, users can advertise their connectivity status and availability in real-time, possibly binding this information with their location, type of media supported and preferred device.

Accordingly, Indigo has developed two key applications:

    IP-based conferencing for enterprises : Indigo ICS� - Indigo InstantConferencing Server
    IP telephony for service providers: Indigo IPCall�

The Indigo ICS� solution targets the needs of those enterprises concerned with issues of mobility, multi-site collaboration, staff resource optimization, secure corporate communications, and cost reduction.

Indigo IPCall� targets the need of those service providers that are looking to implement cost-effective VoIP solutions for their customers and are in need of a benchmark.

Indigo ICS�, Indigo's InstantConferencing Server, is a cost-saving, in-house solution that provides enterprise-grade VoIP or PSTN voice conferencing, combined with presence and instant messaging, for both on- and off-site employees.

Indigo's IP telephony solution merges the power, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of data networks to create VoIP solutions for broadband service providers.