Indigo ICS™ - Indigo InstantConferencing Server

Set up a voice conference with your colleagues wherever they are, right from your desktop and instantaneously, and drastically reduce your conferencing costs.

Presence awareness or the ability to see if other collaborators are online and available has moved beyond person-to-person chat and will power future enterprise collaboration applications.

For the enterprise market, Indigo Software has developed the Indigo InstantConferencing Server™, a solution that combines presence information with enterprise-wide instant messaging and voice conferencing. The result is an enterprise voice conferencing server that provides cost-effective conferencing in a package that is easy-to-deploy, use and administer.

Employees can set up conferences from their desktop ad hoc or prescheduled - and can participate from their PC or mobile phone. Setting up a conference call with the Indigo InstantConferencing Server™ is just a few mouse clicks away, thus stimulating employees to collaborate more intensively. Above all, this in-house, IP-based conferencing solution allows enterprises to save drastically on their conferencing costs.

The application uses employees presence status information. It is Indigos view that the use of presence information for Instant Messaging and IP Conferencing is just a beginning: presence status information will soon be reused by other enterprise applications. For a company to control its own repository of presence information in an open, standards-based way is therefore essential.

Features :
    SIP and SIMPLE standards compliant IP-based voice conferencing, powered
      by Presence and Instant Messaging (P/IM) capabilities

    Ad-hoc and scheduled IP/PSTN audio conferences
    Convenient drag and drop conference setup
    Colleagues can participate from within or outside the company,
      and from PSTN and GSM endpoints

    LDAP/AD authentication and user search
    IM broadcast to all conference participants
    Built-in media server and media gateway
    Out-of-the-box, on-site deployment
    IVR/DTMF recognition for dialling in from a telephone with PIN code
    Screen showing during conference calls
    Web-based system and user administration

Advantages :
    Save money: avoid the high, variable, costs of the traditional conferencing

    Save time: set up an ad hoc conference as soon as you see the participants are

    Control: own your company's presence information so that it can be re-used for
      other communications or applications

    Implement gradually: you can incrementally deploy our solution, without having
      to upgrade your entire infrastructure

    Avoid vendor lock-in: use a solution that is open-standards, that runs on any OS,
      and is fully interoperable

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