Indigo SIP Server & SDK™

The Indigo SIP Server & SDK™ is a customisable call control software package that enables to build reliable next generation communication networks and applications.

The Indigo SIP Server & SDK� bundles three fundamental SIP servers that sit in the core of a SIP network: a SIP proxy server, a SIP redirect server and a SIP registrar server, each of them providing the most advanced features currently available. The Indigo SIP server and its corresponding SDK make up a particularly robust chassis for architecting SIP networks and SIP based services.

The Indigo SIP Server & SDK™ is the core component of Indigo IPcall, an end-to-end solution for Internet Telephony Service Providers.

These are some of the features supported by the Indigo SIP Server & SDK™:

    Compliance with RFC 3261/3263
    Multi-customer support on a single server
    Implementation of a variety of SIP networks components without any code
     change: Proxy, Redirect, Registrar, and Location
    3rd Party Call Control (3PCC) module for establishing multi-party sessions
    Dynamical control of the server
    Capacity to change run-time service configuration through the Indigo CPL
      (Call Processing Language) service interface
    Firewall/NAT SIP traversal mechanism
    Robust logging API

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Indigo SIP Server & SDK™

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