Indigo SIP Foundation Class™

Indigo offers the application developer community a unique RFC 3261 compliant software stack with inbuilt generation, handling and transmission services for SIP and SIMPLE messages. Designed with the flexibility to suit the entire spectrum of multi-media application architectures, the Indigo SIP Foundation Class™ supports applications ranging from embedded software for low-footprint terminal devices to applications running on high performance carrier platforms.

The Indigo SIP Foundation Class™ consists of multi-platform Java APIs providing a strong basis for the development of multimedia SIP-based network software and server applications. This object-oriented API is the lowest level block of the Indigo product portfolio and provides developers with total control over the generation of SIP and SIMPLE messages.

The stack's intuitive set of objects means developers are not required to know the details of the SIP messages syntax to easily decode, generate or manipulate SIP messages. In addition, the stack draws on a lazy parsing technology that enables a significant and transparent performance improvement of high-end applications such as core SIP servers or gateways.

The Indigo SIP Foundation Class™ consists of the following parts:

    A SIP parser and encoder (implementation of RFC 3261, including security)
    A SIP extension for presence (implementation of the IETF Internet SIMPLE 05)
    An SDP protocol stack (implementation of RFC 2327)
    A multipart MIME type implementation for SIP (RFC 2046).

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Indigo SIP Foundation Class™

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