Indigo Presence Server & SDK™

As the first full-fledged Java-based presence solution on the market, the Indigo Presence Server & SDK™ is the ultimate instrument to make users' presence information available in any type of enterprise or telecom application. The Indigo Presence Server & SDK™ is based on SIMPLE (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions) and therefore furnishes the communications industry with a standard-based technology for the popular instant messaging (IM) services as well as instant voice, instant video and instant conferencing applications.

Through its API, the presence server is a privileged base for creating services and applications that capitalize on published presence information. The benefits are obvious in countless instances where the up-to-the minute knowledge of users' status can be leveraged: corporate address books, contact center call routing, find-me follow-me services, intelligent notification services, etc.

These are some of the features supported by the Indigo Presence Server & SDK™:

    Compliance with IETF's SIMPLE framework
    Support of SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY methods
    Aggregation of a user's presence information from various devices
      (PC, mobile phone, PDA, etc.)
    Centralized server mode, i.e. central and permanent repository of presence
    Migration server operating mode, which allows presence agent migration
      from client-side to server-side and from server-side to client-side
    Web administration tools
    White and black access lists management
    Transport modes: UDP or TCP
    Security: DIGEST authentication, TLS authentication and encryption

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