Indigo Communications Server & SDK™

The Indigo Communications Server & SDK™ is the ultimate application framework for building real time communication applications for IP networks, combining the rich call control capabilities of the Indigo SIP Server with real time presence and contextual information offered by the Indigo Presence Server.

The Indigo Communications Server & SDK™ is a flexible, multi-purpose and efficient software package for developing and deploying complete SIP infrastructures and applications powering real time communication.

These are some of the features supported by the Indigo Communications Server & SDK™:

    Compliance with SIP (RFC 3261) and SIMPLE (Internet Draft 05)
    Multi-customer support on a single server
    SIP & SIMPLE proxy service and call control
    3rd Party Call Control (3PCC) module for establishing multi-party sessions
    Capacity to change run-time service configuration through the Indigo CPL
      (Call Processing Language) service interface
    Firewall/NAT SIP traversal mechanism
    Robust logging API for custom CDR and accounting information generation

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Indigo Communications
Server & SDK™

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