Service Providers

Indigo Software delivers state-of-the-art SIP network components and solutions enabling service providers to build next generation multi-media services for consumer and enterprise markets.

Indigo Software adds value to IP networks by providing advanced routing and multimedia services, as well as network management and security. By providing an advanced service creation and execution platform and customizable applications, Indigo Software's network infrastructure software is the foundation for next-generation services that allow service providers to bring new revenue-generating a variety of services. Voip is one primary application area in case.

With Indigo's solutions and enabling technology service providers can:

    Add voice and other multimedia services to broadband Internet access
      subscriptions to increase overall business profitability and enhance customer
    Create value added business services for mobile or wireline networks such as
      find-me follow-me, instant conferencing, IP centrex services, etc.
    Offer presence and instant messaging to their service portfolio.

Worldwide Indigo customers include Aquanta Networks, C&B; Telecommunications, T2B Communication, Infomedia, Kabelnettet, AIC and Elisa Networks.

Indigo Products:
Indigo SIP Server & SDK™
Indigo Presence Server & SDK™
Indigo Communication Server & SDK™

Indigo Solutions:
Indigo IP Call™

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