Indigo Software is a leading provider of solutions and technology for real-time voice, video, and data communications over IP networks. Recognized worldwide as one of the leading experts in SIP technology, the emerging standard for real-time communication over IP, Indigo Software offers solutions to enable enterprises to enhance communication and collaboration. The Indigo enterprise solution focus on Presence and Instant Messaging P/IM and IP Conferencing, and provide the reliability, scalability and security that business-critical communication requires.

With Indigo's solutions and enabling technology, enterprises can:

    Deploy a convenient data and voice conferencing solution
    Turn free instant messaging services into true corporate collaboration solutions
    Add presence information collected from PC and PBX (present, on the phone,
     away, on holiday, busy, etc.) to a wide range of applications

Some customers using Indigo products for conferencing and P/IM are the University of Southern California, Calix and Teleplus Consulting.

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