Application Builders

For application developers, designing SIP-based applications from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming, as it not only requires the initial creation of frameworks to support application development. In addition one also needs to take into account the constant evolution of protocol and standard variety.

Indigo is one of the few companies in the SIP industry that offers a comprehensive Java-based toolset for rapidly creating and executing new data, voice or video communication applications. Using Indigo's SIP server stack and service SDKs, application developers and ISVs can focus on developing their own application without bothering about the continuously evolving SIP-related standards.

Examples of applications that can be built using Indigo's SIP technology are:

    Real time corporate communication solutions integrating e-mail, instant
      messaging, voice and video
    Audio and video conferencing services with web-based conference scheduling
      and presence-based conference initiation
    Click-to-talk and click-to-chat web and e-commerce solutions

Worldwide Indigo customers include Analog Devices, CoSine, Network Associates, Wave Three and Logitech.

Indigo Products:
Indigo SIP Foundation Class™
Indigo SIP Server & SDK™
Indigo Presence Server & SDK™
Indigo Communication Server & SDK™

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